In case you missed the last issue, Backwash #74, Beetlejuice is a 4'3" dwarf with a 15 3/4" head. That's right, 15 3/4" around. You may have heard him or seen him on Howard Stern. If you want to meet him, you can hire him for your party for some good ol' fashioned dwarf tossin'. I recently spoke to Beetlejuice again and his manager, Sean, for an update:

How's business going?

ItÕs going pretty good.

How many parties do you do in a week?

About three times.

So you're becoming a celebrity.


How do you like that?

Pretty good.

What happened with the porno film you were going to make?

Dwarfy Style? Oh, I don't know about that.

Sean: They sent us a contract and it said that they owned all rights to his name and they could use his name for as long as they want. But only for one year. And in that one year we couldnÕt do any other videos or layouts with Beetlejuice with girls on our website or they could sue us. And they didn't want to pay us until it was done and my lawyer, Francis Monahan, said they could say it didnÕt come out right and not give us anything and send us on our way. So we're looking to do our own thing.

Were you excited about doing that?

Me? Just a little.

Have you ever done a porn star?

Yeah. Twice.


About 15 of them.

15 porn stars? When was that?

A long time ago. In the '40s.

How old were you then?

In the thirties.

What was the movie going to be like?

I was bumping the girl's ass. She was on all fours and I was bumpin' her like a truck.

Sean: He's had sex with dancers at bachelor parties. Everyone will chip in and pay the girl to give him a blowjob. They all cheer. The other night our girls couldn't perform, so we called some other girls. But they didnÕt perform at the same level, so everybody was like, "what's going on here?" So Puppet [Beetlejuice's dwarf handler] told Beetlejuice to get naked. So Beetlejuice got naked and everybody got riled up and then he got a hard-on because he was acting like he was having sex with the girls from behind. Then he started chasing everyone with his penis. There were like 200 firemen and they were holding their chairs up like it was a lion, and was slapping them on their thighs with it and going crazy.

I was naked slapping the guy on the back of the head with my dick. "Get away! Get your dick off my head! Get it off! Get it off!" Then some girl was putting her ass in his face and farted. I said, "Goddamn that was a good smell!" She didn't know what to do. She walked away and farted in his face.

Do you have a special fetish?

Living life.

That's not a fetish.

Oh, like having a girl lick my asshole? That's fucking nice.

So what's new in BeetlejuiceÕs world?

Beetlejuice is the world. I'm the fucking king. I'm a fucking hustler. The king of hustlers. You know what that means?


That means IÕm the king to a woman.

Do you have a stable of women?


You pimpin'?

I'm a pimp. Some people stand high but you can't fly.

How many women in your stable?

Probably about 40.

How much cash you bringin' in?

Like 5- 15 thousand a week.

That's pretty good.

Sean: There was this other party we did and Beetlejuice laid down on his back and girl squatted over him and pissed on his chest.

The golden shower?

The girl pissed on me. The golden shower and I said, "Have a nice day."

So you liked it?

Yeah. I said "Come back for more!"

So you're living pretty nicely.

Yeah. You gotta party down. ¥

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