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Not everyone can be a baseball player or a football player, but that doesn't mean you can't have your own trading card. PeopleCards are cards of plain ol' folks. Find out what colors people like, favorite mottos, and other interesting facts about people. Check out the site to find out how you can be on a card. Great, fun idea.








Online Storage Guide
These days, many of us have experienced the sense of loss that can result from forgetting to back up data. And it sucks. So you've learned to save your documents as often as possible. But is there an ever better solution?

Bluesnake.com is your source for all your weird shopping. Stuff you ain't gonna find at Wal-Mart or at one of those strange little stores on 14th street selling trinkets on the sidewalk along with underwear and luggage. No, at Bluesnake.com you'll find exciting things for yourself or friends. Need a Kangaroo Scrotum Purse? How about a Mold-a-Willy Candle Making Kit? Or, mold that same penis with the Mold-a-Chocolate Willy Kit. Don't know what time it is? Git yo' ass a Sea Monkey Watch, that way you can watch your sea monkey's adventures all day. Bluesnake.com offers weird videos, books, comics, toys, fetish wear, tee-shirts, bondage teddy bears, sex accessories, and other good stuff you might not have yet.

New York Sock Exchange - Featuring Gold Toe socks. See the latest in Gold Toe sock fashions. Great styles to keep your feet looking sharp.

The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus - See when they're performing in a theater near you. Sideshow and vaudeville arts at its best.

5minutestolive.com - Find all the obscure crazy movies you're looking for.

The Great Nippulini - Hire the Great Nippulini to perform for you. Be amazed by his super strong nipples!

The Lizard Man - See the man who's become a lizard and was interviewed in Backwash #17.

Zine Guide - The guide to all the zines in the entire universe.

DJ Rehab - Hip hop turntable wizardry! Listen to Rehab's full mix with your Real Audio player. Not for bluegrass junkies.

Punknet - Your guide to punk rock, for you punk rockers.

Bizarre Magazine - From the UK, crazy nasty shit you won't believe!

Planet Rapido - Your finest source for freaky, sexy, and truly bizarre events and travel destinations

Prof. Ouch's Odditorium - Freaks, sideshows, and other good things.

shzine - Zine stuff galore!
B-Rock Magazine - Music goodness for all, cool interviews and articles you should read..
Venus Magazine - Check it out gals! Interviews, articles, reviews.
Jollydwarf - See Beetlejuice and friends. Hire the little fella for your party!
Insound - Zines, music, all the stuff you need. They even sell Backwash
Atomic Books - A darn cool store in Baltimore with all kinds of freaky goods!
Bloodhound Gang - The official website of the Bloodhound Gang. Some damn funny shit.
Cashiers Du Cinemart - Cool, good-looking zine with loads of neat cult movie stuff.
Dolemite.com - Your source for all that is Rudy Ray Moore — comic legend, movie star, rhyme master.
Freakatorium - For fans of freaks, sideshows, and human oddities.
Supersphere - Zines, and other cool counter-culture stuff.